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Great to see many boats out opening day.Coho pt was definitely the most popular spot and by all reports many fish were caught in both morning and evening bite.Grant Reefs produced several hatchery Coho,this is great to see.Mace Pt and Harwood were a little slower but did produce a few fish,Iron mines was steady.South in the Stillwater area was also good.PRO Staff went out also and limited out at Coho Pt,we did better¬† beetween 160-200 on the Rigger.The Chinook are very healthy and have Sockeye red looking flesh…yum.

Reminder there is still time to register for the PRO Derby this weekend,call 604-485-4868 or stop in.Fisheries has and will be out so be sure to have a descender on your boat.Read the font of your license it will explain all about this.If you are heading out in the next few days here are a few lures to try..

  • Coho Killers,little lures that catch everything.color # 860 is my best producing lure right now.
  • AP Spoons,very reliable lure.Awesome quality
  • Peetz Sylvester secret..
  • Coyote Watermelon,Dont leave home without it
  • Tomic plugs,have a few hundred on sale for $5 each..awesome deal.
  • For Hoochies,Army Truck,Black Magic,Gold and White will take care of most situations.
  • Be sure to use 15lb c-balls if you have electric downriggers.Heavier the cannonball the more fish you will catch.
  • ok gotta get back to shop,good luck:)