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Another busy week at PRO,here is the latest..

Salmon Fishing

This has definetly been spotty,not what we are used to here in PR,Many of the major runs have gone through and the Lang Creek run is late it seems.I fished Black PT.yesterday and jigged up several salmon all undersize.Many anglers reporting action but all undersize in most areas,The Mill and Black Pt-Lang Bay should turn on any day,will keep you posted.


This fishery has been steady and seems to be getting better daily ,so get your gear out if you get a chance.

Bottom Fish

Some nice Ling Cod coming in and many reports of Yellow Eye in Shallow water. There is definitely no shortage of Yelloweye, its a shame we cannot retain one. Be sure to have a descender on your boat this is mandatory, read the front of your tidal licence.

Local Lakes

This fishery has been very steady, especially in the larger lakes.Goat,Powell,and Lois should produce for you. If you are not catching go deeper.

Hunting Season

September 1st is the start of the Archery season in our area. Early reports show good numbers of Bucks on Texada and some descent numbers in Powell River back country. Deer numbers locally are bouncing back it seems great to see.Hard copy of hunting regulations available at PRO as well as all licencing and tags.Be sure to ask Sam for his deer call,you will be glad you did,


Came across some chanterelle mushrooms the other day so keep an eye out for them.

Rod,gun and Archery Club

Powell River now has an Archery Range thanks to the volunteers at the Rod & Gun club.There is an outdoor range located just north of the long gun range. There will be an indoor 20 meter range opening at a later date. You can stop by PRO and get a day pass for the range for only $10 bucks.Stop in and we will give you all the info. Thank you volunteers

Firearms Course

These courses are on hold until further notice, however be sure to come in and pre-register to get in on the list as the first course is already full. A $50 cash deposit is needed to secure your spot.

Question of the week..

Is it legal to use treble hooks when salmon fishing? The answer is yes ,providing they are barbless.Ok I am heading out to jig for some salmon, hopefully the weather holds as I am going to use the tinner.Have a great Sunday..


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