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Lets start with Salmon Fishing This fishery has picked up the last few days however fish are definitely on the move.Favada point(West side Texada), Grant Reefs and Westview North to the Mill have all produced nice fish. Believe it or not many anglers have just changed there depth(deeper).Try your riggers at 250′ or deeper at times,15-20lb cannonballs are a must.Anchovies,Coho Killers,Tomic Plugs,Peetz spoons and Green Glow hoochies have caught a lot of fish. Be sure to pick up a Orange and Black Glo Coyote flasher if you get a chance. Black Point This area normally is gang busters this time of year for anglers but it has been very hit and miss.Definetly some fish in this area but they are not very active some rain of course would help. You may retain ( 2) marked or unmarked Coho in this area and there are some nice size ones around. Beach fishing for Coho here can be very effective so try it out,stop in if you need some tips. Almost forgot to mention, be sure you have strong leaders the next couple weeks as these Chinook’s are big and they have nice Teeth on them. Be ready for the Tyee. Lund/Toba Lund area has also picked up however some spotty times. Some big fish in this area so ounce again be sure your gear is top notch.Toba area has some massive Coho and decent Chinooks or over the last week, so you should do well if you make the trip .

Prawns/Crabs Customers happy with there prawn numbers,crabs hit and miss.Reminder to weight your prawn traps down or mother nature will steal them. Local Lakes September is one of the best times to fish our lakes, like bears heading into winter they must fatten up and feed.Lois,Powell,Goat and Inland will produce. Stop in for some local fly patterns or juicy worms. Fall Flyer & Hunting

Will have a report on Hunting and a listing of our Fall flyer next week.Watch for the flyer in this weeks Peak Paper or stop in for a copy. Have a great weekend, Tight Lines and Straight shooting:)