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Salmon fishing Definitely hit and miss out-there, but still some nice fish coming in.You may be seeing darker Salmon, these are most likely Lang creek Hatchery fish.The Mill,Westview,Myrtle Rocks south to Black point and Lang Bay is where you will find these fish.Seems the run is later this year so it should continue to produce.Anchovies,Bright spoons and glow hoochies should do the trick .Be sure to vary your depth 50-200′ of cable. Most fish have been between 80-150′ of cable both at the Mill and Lang Creek. You may retain Marked and unmarked Coho between Black Pt and Coho Pt until October 15.As this fishery winds down we will start seeing Winter springs showing up in more numbers so be ready for this fishery. It will peak in Dec-January.


Customers reporting decent numbers of Prawns,while Crabs seem to be a little tougher to come by. However a couple good reports today .Both these fisheries should improve as time passes. Be sure to weight your gear down and stop in at PRO for some good bait. Pro also has some new prawn traps that have been producing very well,stop in and give them a try.

Local Lakes

I fished a few lakes the past couple weeks and did well.This is a great time to hit up your favorite lake as the waters are cooling and trout want to fatten up for the winter.Powell.Goat,Lois,Cranberry,Duck and Inland will all produce fish.Stop in for Worms or some new flies.


A handful of deer have been harvested but this will start to pick up by the day and will peak between late October and late November. Be sure to stop in if you need any firearm or scope work done, Pro Gunsmith Rocco Wenzel will take care of you. We are fortunate to Have Rocco in Powel River, he does great work. Pro carries hunting licenses and tags, simply stop in, also all the Backroad Map Books for your next adventure.

CORE&Firearms Course

The firearms course is still on hold until further notice, however CORE can be done on- line or challenged.Call for more details 604-485-4868

Time to hit the sack, see you at PRO…Sam Out!