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Nice weather the last couple days and there have been a few people getting outdoors hunting and gathering.


There have been a few local hunters that have cut there( LEH) Elk tags so far in the past week, The transplant of the ELK to Powell River Years ago has made for a Limited Entry hunt and Elk Numbers are good along the Sunshine Coast. The Deer hunting season will pick up as the Rut draws near. Be sure To Drive safe on our roads and Highway’s as Deer become very unpredictable during the Rut and will crossing many roads and Highways. If you have any questions about the hunting season or need licenses or tags simply call or stop by PRO.604-485-4868

Tidal Fishing

Still a few Salmon coming in from Harwood and Grant Reefs over the last week. You will see many undersized winter springs which will be ready for harvest come Dec-March. Early reports have the winter springs in very good numbers, so be ready come December through to march. Be sure to have Anchovies on board if venturing out as they have been producing. Reminder that rock fish and ling cod are now closed

Local Lakes

This is definitely a time to hit our local lakes, as fishing has been steady, Powell, Goat and ,Inland lake as well as tributaries will be closed for fishing at the end of October. The steady Trout fishing will continue well into the new year. Be sure to stop by PRO for locally tied flies, some great lures and of course our PRO worms.If you have any questions about our local regulations call me at PRO 604-485-4868


This fishery will be picking up and you will start seeing Egg bearing Prawns.All prawns with eggs must be released, try to handle them as little as possible and get them released quickly. We are coming off of a great year of prawning so this should continue. Very important to weigh your traps down.5-8lbs of weight depending on how you are pulling your gear.Cant stressed this enough…

Firearms Course

Just received word that there there will be no courses until early March 2021.If you haver a deposit down, your position will be held for when courses begin .Looks like we already have two full courses. If you want to get on the list for spring 2021 stop in with a $50 cash deposit and secure your spot.


C.O.R.E. Challenges are avaialble,call the shop and we will give you details that will get you hunting this season.

Appreciate all that are supporting local business in Powell River, shop local keep your town strong. Sam Out !