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Lots of activity in and around Powell River hunting season has been hit and miss for local hunters.Nice to see many hunters coming back from the North with there bounty while others not so lucky.Same can be said for Texada,with record numbers of hunters arriving.With Covid all back country activities have basically doubled in use and in some cases much more than that.Be sure to get your residency updated if you are a hunter.You could be hunting with an expired licence.For drivers heads up at night as deer tend to cross roads much more during the rut.

Lake Fishing

This fishery is simple,just head to your favorite lake and you should do well .Weekend reports were good,if you have a small boat or canoe your chances increase significantly.Pro rents small non powered 10-12′ boats if needed.Reminder Powell,Goat and Inland lake including Tributaries remain closed to fishing until April 2021.


Reports the last couple weeks have been good for both Crab and Prawns.Reminder to release all egg carrying prawns as quickly as possible.Sorting them in a tub of sea water works best.This will also help give the prawns your keeping a good rinse.Pro has just received a delivery of some great traps,be sure to stop in and you will catch.Prawn fishing is one of those fisheries that if not done correctly you will lose lots of gear.Stop in and see me and i will give you some tips that will help the ocean environment.

Rod,Gun&Archery Club

The new memberships are in at PRO..Family $100 Adult (19-65) $80.00 Senior (65 +) $55.00 Junior(under 19) $30.00..Day pass is also available for $10.00 All memberships are cash only ..

Firearms Course

Firearms courses will start in March and we are already full for 1 course and the second will fill up soon.Stop in and put a $50 cash deposit down to secure a spot..Total cost is $150.00 for the course.Any questions call SAM 604-485-4868


C.O.R.E. is best to study online and then give us a call and we can schedule a test with the local instructor.For further information call Sam.

Great to see locals and new arrivals supporting local business ,sadly many local businesses are having a tough time right now as they cannot operate as they normally would.Every little bit helps so whenever possible shop locally and help build your town..

Thanks to our Veterans and all those that served and sacrificed to make a better life for us.

Powell River lost a great person recently..Larry Ludwig we are going to miss you so much buddy..Love you