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Lets start with the local hunting scene..
The antlerless season is now over on Texada Island.The antlered season will continue until Dec 15.Then from Dec 16-Jan 15 the archery season will start,in this season you may harvest either sex.
Locally in region 2-12 Powell River the season will end November 30th.
Salmon Fishing..
I Recently attended the sfab meeting and it looks like status quo again for next year Salmon fishing season.Non retention beginning April 1st 2021, we may have some earlier openings to the north of Powell River as we did this year .Lots of work to be done as far as getting our voices heard so if you want changes go to your meetings,write to your MLA Keep up the fight for whats right..
Local Tidal Report..
Tidal Anglers know this time of year you will be catching some of the best tasting salmon(Winter Spring)Salmon.This fishery will peak through December and January and can be very productive.For more info on tactics simply stop in at PRO and you will catch..
This fishery has been steady for those venturing out.Reminder to release egg carrying prawns asap,also weight your traps down or mother nature will steal them..Just received some great fishing prawn traps and fresh prawn bait,stop in and up your catch..
Rod/Gun/Archery Club.
New memberships in at PRO CALL 604-485-4868 FOR RATES..
Powell River Outdoors Rents and Sells Snowshoes so stop in and enjoy our amazing back-country.Critical to have good quality now-shoes to have a enjoyable experience.Good quality snow-shoes are a must..
Reminder this time of year gets cold wet and dark quickly,so always be careful and carry lighting and safety gear when venturing out.
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