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If you have been out and about on our waters lately chances are you have seen 0rcas,White sided Dolphins, Countless Seals and Sea Lions. I f you have had gear in the water then you have definitely seen some nice Chinook Salmon. Mark has the fish of the week(photo)seems the wonderbread lure pattern is at it again. Mark was using a 4″ Coyote in wonderbread pattern.Did you know that the biggest Chinook caught on a wonderbread coyote was 72lbs,caught at Rivers Inlet by a Powell River resident.If you do not have this lure in your tackle box get it!

Salmon Fishing

This fishery has tailed off a little however still plenty of fish out there, be sure to try different areas as fish will move in and out of areas. Coho Pt has picked up a bit and Harwood is still steady but plenty of undersize Chinook. Anglers that are doing well are trying different lures and depth until they find the right mix. Also some Chinooks outside Lund Harbour and the North West tip of Grant Reefs. Thanks Mike for that info. Stillwater and Westview will produce fish also, so no need to go far if you live in these areas

Hot Lures

Army Truck Hoochie (Glow)

Wonderbread Coyote and Coho Killer

Looney Spoon(This is going to be the new kid on the block)

Black Mumba Flasher and the Cyclone Flasher.

Pawn Fishing

Area 15-2,15-3 closed until April 1st

Area 15-1 (pulse fishing) This means firts two weeks of the month closed,last two weeks open.So will re-open Feb 16th.Have your gear ready as this fishery has been good.


This fishery is picking up so try your favorite spots,use good bait and longer soaks. Some nice box crabs coming in also, reminder only 1 box crab per license.

Lake Fishing

The Lois lake boat launch is full of log debris however they have moved the blocks from the old launch so you should be good to go. It is a good idea to go have a look first if you plan on launching larger boats. Use caution of course because of log debris in lake. Fishing has been very good in many areas of the lake.All other lakes remain open to fishing except Powell,Goat,Inland lakes and tributaries.

Gun&Archery club memberships are available at PRO.Archery has been added to the Powell River gun club and it has been a great addition. At this time the outdoor range is open simply stop in to PRO for a $10 day pass or purchase an annual membership.Please stop in or call 604-485-4868 for more info on this,get the kids outhere they will love it.


Stop in at PRO and pick up the C.O.R.E manual, ounce you have studied this you may take the exam one on one with our local instructor. You can also study on-line for this 604-485-4868 ask for Sam for more info.

Firearms Course

So many calls about this…Courses will start sometime in March providing conditions let us.Currently we have a least 2 courses full which will bring us into probably May. Can’t stress how important it is to pre-register or you will be taking the course after summer. A $50 cash deposit is the only way to secure a spot. Simply call PRO for more info..

Scotty Downrigger Service

Now is the time to get your downriggers into PRO for service. We will service and register your downriggers that way you will have warranty going forward. While your at it, bring in your reels and we can re-spool for you. Have a great week and try and get off the screen and into the green. Sam Out!