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March is just around the corner, looking forward to a spring as the fishing and outdoor activities pick up.

Salmon Fishing: Many calls regarding the upcoming 2021 Salmon fishing regulations, so far there are a few proposals out there but nothing confirmed yet. I could sit here and write a book about the possibilities but in my opinion anything short of 1 Chinook retention IN OUR AREA and Inlets to the North of Powell River open is simply unacceptable and unnecessary. We will soon find out, ridiculous really!

Locally the fishing has tailed off a little. Yesterday we fished Coho Pt, Backside Harwood, the spit for a bit and then finished up at Tla Amin south to the mill. Hooked fish in each place but Tla Amin to the mill definitely had larger fish ,farmed a couple and released one. Want to head back there asap.We hooked 5 or 6 decent fish and everyone was on the Loony spoon, with a cone zone off the cannonball. Seriously, the other rod and different gear was shut out. Deeper also 180-210′ cable,and tide change helps..


Few anglers partaking in these fisheries but the ones that are have been eating well. Area 15-1 is open for prawns until the end of the month. Will close again for first two weeks in March re-opening March 16 and then all areas open April 1st..My last haul of Box Crabs.( photo)…Yum.

Lake Fishing

I believe they have re-opened the old boat launch at Lois lake due to the fact the other has a log jam. Fishing is steady in Lois,and it is time to hit other lakes as the weather will start to warm and trout will be very active..

Firearms Course Courses are currently on hold due to Covid, please call in for questions 604-485-4868..

C.O.R.E. This can be done, again please call PRO 604-485-4868 FOR MORE INFO….Thanks

2021 Fishing/Hunting License’s These will be dew April 1st.They should be available in the next couple weeks at PRO will,post as soon as they are available.

Snow: Nice snow conditions in higher elevations, stop in at PRO and rent some snowshoes and head to the hills, you will love it.. Well I am already 18 minutes late for work and probably missed a sale on a hoochie… Sam Out1

Luna Girl..