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Can definitely feel the anticipation in the shop of the season to come in regards to fishing and the outdoors. Love this time of year.

Herring Spawn

Sure most of you have heard about the herring spawn up and down our local coastlines. From Lund south to Palm beach several reports of the spawn. I believe its the second consecutive year but this year seems to be covering much more coastline. I am guessing you are going to see amazing Salmon fishing and steady whale activity all summer long,

Tidal Regulations

Ridiculous we have to sit and wonder what D.F.O. will hand us as far as Salmon fishing goes. In my opinion anything short of 1 Chinook retention in area 15 North starting April 1st is unacceptable and unnecessary. I am sure we will here something soon from the almighty!

Salmon Fishing

Yesterday was a good day for anglers targeting Chinook, especially at Coho Pt. (Kiddie Pt).Be sure to vary your depth as some fish were caught as deep as 240′ of cable .When you see boats trolling far off the west side of Coho Pt, that’s what they generally are doing. Jamie fished Lund and Sarah Pt. yesterday and reported spotty fishing, thanks for that and your herring report Jamie. Backside of Harwood and Westview has also produced some nice fish. You are going to see fish start to come into shallower waters in the next few weeks. I use the Shiners you see at the docks and boat launches as an indicator. In winter Shiners and herring go very deep ,that’s why you don’t see them at your local docks. Soon you will see them when launching your boat ,then you will have more luck fishing shallower .Currently you may retain two Chinook so try and get out before D.F.O. opens there YAP.


This fishery is open, read the front of your license for Halibut size restrictions .


The last opening in Area 15-1 produced very good numbers. This area will re-open March 16th,so get your gear ready now and you will do very well. Starting April 1st all areas that have been closed will re-open .If you have any questions on this call me at shop 604-485-4868..Pro has the best bait and traps, so be sure to stop in and see me:)


You want crabs? You should do ok in your favorite Crab spot so get your pots soaking..

Local Lakes

This fishery is getting better by the day, i am definitely going to head out soon for some nice trout. Be sure to get the kids out during spring break and you will catch. Reminder if you are under 16 years old and a resident of B.C. you do not need a license for this this fishery. You also may retain you own quota..

Firearms LIC & C.O.R.E

Will have an update on this soon ,working on it the next few days..

Fishing & Hunting Lic.

Pro should have freshwater and hunting licenses available starting next week. Tidal licenses will be available towards the end of the month. Please be sure to bring your current licenses with you as this makes the process much easier.

Photo Credits Ryk Tataryn ,Jeremy Williams and Kimmie..

Well thanks for supporting Pro and all other local businesses as brick and mortar stores are becoming an endangered species. With your support the many great local businesses will continue to be an asset to this amazing place…Sam Out!

Jermal with a nice catch..