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Thanks for the invite to go fishing yesterday Paul .Paul and i covered plenty of ground yesterday and although fishing was slow Coho Pt and area around Rebecca Rocks was definitely the most productive. Sandbanks and Grants slow with few undersize. Of course this could change at any time so try and get out if you get a chance. Most fish we hooked with our gear down from 200-240′ of cable .In the end had a good Salmon and Box crab dinner..

2021 Licenses

Pro has freshwater and hunting licenses and tags available now, however tidal licenses will not be available for another week or so .Be sure to bring your old licenses in as this makes the process much easier.

2021 Tidal Regulations :We had or S.F.A.B. virtual meeting the other night and where told of the Tidal regulatons for 2021.I am not going to print them as it is not official yet. Cross your fingers but it does not sound good. I am guessing they will announce them any day now.

Have lots more to say but have to get to the shop, hope to see you there…Sam Out

Box Crabs are delicious ,limit is 1 per license.