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Looks like we are in for some good weather here is the latest..

Salmon Fishing

Great to see some nice Chinooks coming in, for those that have been on the water for the last several years this comes as no surprise. There are plenty of fish out-there in many areas the unessasarry non retention put on by D.F.O. must stop and we cannot forget that as they feed us some scraps. I feel for businesses and residents to the south of Powell River who have Zero Chinook opportunities in many areas. Keep this in mind come election time, the science says we need change in government as soon as possible. If your looking to catch some of the healthiest food on the planet Thunderbay South has been producing nice Chinooks. Toba was good early in the week but was slower yesterday, be sure to have Anchovies onboard if you head North. Stop in at PRO if you are not sure of areas open for Chinook retention and i can help you out.

Hot Lures


Skinny G’S

Loony Spoons

Coho Killers

Green Ghost ,Black Magic and the Casper Hoochie.

Try to keep the netting of fish to a minimum, size for Chinook retention is 62-80cm.IF YOU CATCH A MARKED HATCHERY FISH IN THE OPEN AREAS THERE IS NO MAXIMUM SIZE.

Ling Cod & Rock Fish

This fishery has picked up after a slow start ,stop in and see me and will put you on to some great jigs that will CATCH.

Prawn Fishing

Commercial season is in full swing, if you are setting your traps stay away from commercial sets as much as possible.

Local Lakes

This fishery has really turned on, Powell ,Inland Lois ,Nanton among others… Good reports coming in.


Deadline for LEH is May 28th

Well that’s all the time i have, could go on day so much to cover. Stop in at PRO if you have any questions will be glad to help.


Open Friday ,Saturday Closed Monday….Sam Out!

North Harbour
Gibbs Catch
Silas slab
Jimmy Jack Charters Catch