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Great to see a Halibut caught already in Powell River as last year was a slow year for Hali. Generally Halibut number’s seem to peak in July & August when they are around ,so be sure you are prepared. Most halibut in Powell River are caught by unsuspecting anglers trolling for Salmon and simply don’t have the tools to deal with them, so most end up back in the water. Be sure to have these items on board your boat.

  • A good quality Gaff is a Must.
  • Large solid net for smaller Hali.
  • Solid fish club
  • Knife

Rennato (photo) managed that Hali on his own, luckily had prior experience and it paid off. Can you guess how Rennato hooked that Hali.I f you said Trolling at around 200′ using a Loony Spoon and a Betsy Flasher you got it. My prediction is as soon as more anglers get out on the water you will see more Hali being caught. Notice the red belly on the Hali, these Hali are Travelling (bottom rub) thus the red belly. So where there is 1 there will be more. This Hali was caught south of Powell River, here are some Hali-hot spots

  • Coho Pt ( that’s where i got mine)
  • Harwood Sanbanks (This is where one of the first Halibut was caught in Powell River, about 10 years ago by a sport fisher after many years of no Halibut)
  • Grant Reefs ( The most productive) Many Halibut have been lost here due to not being prepared.
  • Mystery Reef
  • Baker Pass
  • The Mill
  • Marshall Rock
  • Black Point
  • Thunderbay

The above areas have all produced halibut, by far the best method in our area is to troll the bottom.Here is gear you should have .

  • Anchovie / Herring
  • White Hoochie
  • Loony Spoon
  • Skinny G;S
  • AP Spoon
  • Peetz spoons

You can try to target them with bait and jigging, many anglers have with little luck in our area.

Salmon Fishing

This fishery has been very good in both retention and unessasarry non-retention areas. Homfray channel and Toba have produced many Chinooks the past couple weeks so if you can get up there! Thunderbay has also been very steady, I have had two quik trips this week there and am 2 for 2. 180′ with Coho killers and my favorite Black Mumba flasher. Be sure to fish the tide change and be patient.

Rock Fish & Lingcod

While snacking on Rennato’s Halibut we discussed Lingcod fishing, and we both agreed. If you want to get into keeper lings on a steady basis use bait or Fish (Shiners herring )It is legal to fish with live shiners and herring by the way. Many of us have had a small cod on only to have a large ling take hold. Stop in and we can get you sorted out and ready for your next ling adventure.

Local Lakes

Prime time right now so head out to one of the many lakes here. Lois continues to produce trophy rainbows, stop in and we can help you get onto them.


Obviously many bears out and about so be sure to be prepared and keep your pets under control. There are a few cats around as well. Brew bay area has a brave Cougar recently it took a pet cat right out of a house so be careful and keep an eye on your pets. Stop in at PRO for all your bear safety gear(spray ect)

Firearms &CORE

I am just putting together plans for a PAL and CORE course for July will have details soon.

Thanks everybody for all your reports and keeping us all posted,network,network,nertwork catch more fish.


. I Feel for all the businesses and fishermen to the south of us who are still not able to Salmon fish or retain Salmon in many areas Unbelievable that D.F.O. continues this unessasarry closure in many areas Frustrating and sad to see the waters in-front of Powell River area void of boats when there is thousands of Salmon to be caught, If you want to find out ask how the fishing has been here in the last ten years .here is a great tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip .Ask someone who has been fishing not a keyboard cowboy or someone in a suite,…Sam Out

Rennato with Hali (Loony spoon 200′)if
Bruce Campbell yesterday, Thunderbay, Green Skinny g 90′ 16lb