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Well The anglers that have been out especially locally have seen what the unessasarry Chinook non-retention looks like. Both sides of Harwood and Coho Pt have loads of healthy Chinook upwards of 30lbs.The waters North (Toba, Homfray) open areas also producing nice fish but the average size is not so big. Waters south of Powell River( Thunderbay, Fairview Bay and Jervis Inlet) this area has had steady fish coming in this week and last. Powell River Outdoors gets many reports from anglers on almost a daily basis when the weather permits ,thanks so much for the reports. If you want to see what kind of population of Chinook we have here, simply drop a line on the North end of Texada, if you cannot catch several Chinook you must be shopping at Cabelas or a box store lol . For the few anglers that are going out Chinook fishing locally has been very good and will continue to September, so if you get a chance gooooooo,.ps the Halibut was delicious.

Chinook tactics.

  • Handel fish as little as possible
  • trolling speed 2.5mph
  • use 15lb cannonballs
  • fish the tide change
  • for lures and gear(stop in at your local shops) shop outside the box
  • It is not a crime, to net a fish or take a photo. If you don’t like the way anglers are fishing stop in at PRO Monday-Saturday 9-5 and you can help educate. This works much better than playing on your keyboard like i am doing now. D.F.O. has created such a cluster F***** ,with regulations its a wonder anybody is fishing anymore. What a shame, shame shame!

Fishing Derby

Yes we are going to host a fishing Derby ounce the unessasarry non-retention of Chinook is lifted which is July 15th.Just in the planning stages. If you are a business and would like to get involved or donate let me know, that would be great.

Free fishing weekend coming up.

  • June 18-20 residents of Canada ( individuals who have lived in Canada for the preceding 12 month) can go fishing without a licence in tidal and no-tidal waters . For tidal waters you must have a printed version of a licence, you just have to acquire a free one for those days. Of course all regulations apply during this time .Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC – Blog (

Fathers Day Gifts

  • Support your local shops whenever possible if buying a gift for Dad. You can now shop PRO ON-LINE and click shop. We still have thousands of skews to add to our on-line store but its getting there .Don’t see what you need just call 604-485-4868 …..Sam Out!
South Of Powell River
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