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Locally the Chinook slot size regulation (62-80 cm) will come to an end starting September 1st,and retention changes from 1 Chinook to 2. So providing your Chinooks are 62 cm or larger you may retain 2 per license per day starting Wednesday September 1st . Powell River Outdoors will be hosting a Derby This coming Weekend, here are some of the details.

  • Start time : Friday Sept. 3rd first light
  • End Time : Saturday September 4th 7pm
  • weigh station @ pro Friday 10am – 8pm and Saturday 10am -7pm
  • Will have results sometime after the final weigh in at 7pm on Saturday
  • Please bleed out fish and keep on ice if needed.
  • Cost is $100 per boat sign up @ PRO Cash only.
  • Will have a list of prizes ect.. Hopefully by the end of day Tomorrow. Will be some good cash prizes ect..
  • Any questions call PRO and ask for Sam re-Derby. 604-485-4868
  • Will have more details soon, just wanted to get the word out asap ,Hope to see you there..