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We have a couple dates for upcoming courses

Friday September 24 P.A.L.

– — – Location – Coast Town Center Hotel (Malaspina Room)

  • Time 8:30 am-4:30 pm
  • Register at PRO
  • Cost $200 cash only
  • There are already students pre registered, so registering now does not guarantee a spot for this course. If you want to get in to this or future courses you must Pre-Register. Maximum 12 students per class.

Saturday 25 C.O.R.E.

  • For this C.O.R.E. course you must have your P.A.L. we will have a full C.O.R.E. course in near future.
  • Coast Town Center Hotel (Malaspina Room)
  • Time 8.00 am – 4pm
  • Cost $200 Cash Only
  • Register at PRO

We will have more courses coming up in the near future, if you do not pre-register you will most likely miss the cut. Any questions call PRO 604-485-4868 ask for Sam..