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Been a while since a PRO report, was a nice break. Lets start with some local dates..

  • Reminder that Powell Lake and Tributaries are closed to fishing until April 1st 2022.This closure allows the Cutthroat Trout to spawn. Inland Lake and Goat Lake included.
  • Rockfish & Lingcod closed until May 1st/2022
  • Texada Antlerless season ends November 20th
  • Region 2-16 Texada Bucks ends Dec 15
  • Region 2-16 Texada Archery season. December 16- Jan-15/2022
  • Region 2-12 Powell River Bucks ends Nov 30th
  • P.A.L. Course Nov 27/28 full
  • P.A.L. Course Jan 29/30 may be a few spots left.
  • P.A.L. restricted Feb 5/2022

Locally Deer hunting season is winding down and has been a good season on the Mainland and Texada, however in many cases you had to put your time in. Good to see the local Deer numbers increasing over the last several years, with some nice bucks harvested the last couple years. The L.E.H. Elk harvest has been good for some while the Inlet draws have been a bit tougher to have success in. Some nice bulls taken though as the herds are still very stable and seem to thrive on the coast. Grouse numbers were also very good in our area, so chances are many hunters enjoyed some good soups and stews.

Winters Salmon Fishing

This fishery seems to never disappoint and is starting of to be very good, and will peak in December January. Westview, The Mill, and Harwood Island will produce nice Winter Chinooks. Stillwater and Thunderbay also good Winter grounds.Waters around Lund will hold these same fish, so make room in the freezer.

  • Anchovies
  • Loony Spoons (winter slayer)
  • Black/White Glow hoochie
  • Skinny g’s
  • Depth 180-200 feet or deeper on the rigger
  • You may retain 2 Chinook per licence,62cm and over.


Looks like numbers are good and egg carriers are thinning out in many areas. If you find you are in an area with high spawner numbers, move to a different area .We just had the S.F.A.B. meeting and looks like we wont see any area closures for a while so get out while you can. If there are closures i am guessing they will be limited to 1 ot 2 sub areas at most. Reminder you must release all egg carriers .125 prawns per license. Be sure to stop in as we just received a shipment of a great producing prawn traps .More prawns guaranteed by yours truly…lol


Good to see Crab numbers bouncing back, fisheries officers agreed on this one at the recent virtual meeting.Thanks to local fisheries for putting a stop to the 2 commercial boats poaching Crabs a few years back.

Lake Fishing

Fall/winter will produce trout on a regular basis, be sure to release all the larger Cutthroat.

Powell River Outdoors

I have been able to step away from the shop the last while as anybody that has a business knows this is very hard to do. Powell River Outdoors will be 20 years old come March 2022. Want to thank the PRO staff especially Darcy Gaudet as he has been a workhorse for many years at PRO .Yes i agree he needs some new material, but he has always been there for PRO 100% of the time when asked. Rocco has been a great addition as our local gunsmith and has made countless customers happy with his work ,the phony accent seems to help. Lisa and Lucy keep us all in line and are a pleasure to work with .Of course we are grateful for PRO’S customers ,many of whom have supported us from day 1 .

Pro Product

Pro has good inventory on many items so stop in when you can, hope to see you there as i am almost done all my bookings of product for next year. Sam Out!

Silas Birthday
Lisa’s Buck
Blacktail Buck
Texada Harvest.
Blacktail Rub