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This past week anglers have produced many Winter Chinook’s and this will continue so try and get out-there.

  • Hot Spots

The waters around Harwood Island have been the most consistent. South end, Backside and the Spit will produce nice Chinook. There are many undersize so try and net only keeper size (62cm). Set your riggers between 160-200+ feet, be sure to use 15lb cannonballs . South Side of Rebecca Rock produced some nice size Chinooks in the teens also, move around if not catching. 0ther areas like Mace Point (Savary Isl) and out front of Powell River can also be good so no need to go to far at times

  • Hot Lures

The Spirit Spoon (Lemon lime) by Spirit Lures and the Skinny G (Outfitter) by Gibbs will consistently produce. Be sure to have these in you tackle box. Run them with a 6 foot leader behind a Black and Glow flasher at 2.5mph, Anchovies will also do the trick however you will lose plenty to undersize fish.

  • Crabbing

This fishery is picking up so be sure to set your Crab Traps in your favourite spot.

  • Prawn Fishing remains closed in areas 15-1,15-2,15-3. However Okeover and some parts of the West side of Texada remain open as do Homfray and Waddington Channels. This good Chinook fishing will continue so if the weather permits try and get out and you will get a taste of the best tasting fish…Winter Chinooks. Sam Out! PS, could not load photos for some reason..