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Here are some P.A.L Dates

  • March 19-20 FULL
  • April 23-24 Couple spots left
  • MAY 15-16 Couple spots left

P.A.L. Course cost is $150 cash only payable at Powell River Outdoors. I highly recommend to come in and pay for the course to get your name in queue or you will have trouble getting in to a course as they fill up quickly. You can also pick up the P.A.L. course book at PRO.


  • We are trying for a Restricted course in late May, stay tuned for updates.


There is an instructor willing to come from the island to do a one day C.O.R.E course for people that have there P.A.L..In other words this C.O.R.E course is available for those who have a P.A.L. The cost would be $200,stop in and see Sam if you are interested .The only other way at this time is to study via on-line or by Book available at PRO and then write the exam with a local instructor.


  • We have ammo coming in regularly and are expecting another shipment later this week .PRO will be receiving some .303 British . Don’t have the particulars but i suggest you come in and reserve some because it will nt last.


We have annual memberships and also Day passes for our local Club .Reminder that there is also an outdoor Archery range at the club now. I am sure in the near future we will have some info on the Indoor Archery range.. Stay Tuned