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Few more boats heading out the last while thanks to the weather. Anglers have had to work at it as the Chinook fishing has slowed a bit, however the fish that are being caught are in the teens. Mark landed a fish near Marshall Rock Yesterday with his Black Mumba flasher and Shinny G (No Bananas) at 200′.There has been the odd fish around Harwood and also a few North in Lewis Channel. Look for the fishing to pick up soon and try to get out while there is still retention in our area.

As far as The 2022 Chinook season goes, its sounding like more of the same regs as last year for us from what i have been hearing. Hopefully we will have some kind of an announcement in then next few weeks. What we do know is that the Prawn fishing will re-open in our 15-1,2,3 ect. starting April 1st.Be sure to stop in at Pro for all your prawning need’s as we are stocked up.

Lake Fishing

Lois has been producing some nice size Rainbows ,stop in and will hook you up with some proven winners. Anglers are having to work at it and it seems flies have been the steady producers.

2022 Fishing Licences will be due at the end of this Month, look for them to become available in 2-3 weeks. Sam Out!

Fish & Chips no its… Flip & Chip (Sweet Boat)

Marks weekend Chinook. a Beauty!