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May is here and we are now able to retain Lingcod and Rockfish.


  • Lingcod must be 65cm or larger to retain.
  • You may retain 1 per licence
  • Look for rocky bottom and use larger jigs (6-12oz) for Larger Lings
  • Locally 40-150′ seems to produce Lingcod regularly.
  • You may use Live Herring and Shiners for bait (This is one of the best ways to catch keeper size lings)
  • Come see us at PRO for some great Lingcod lures.
  • Lingcod is an excellent source of Protein and Omega 3 and are delicious.


You may retain one Rockfish per licence of any size. Quillback and Copper Rockfish are most common in local waters

  • Fish Rocky bottoms and 30-100′.
  • If you feel you have smaller size Rockfish on your line. Bring them to the surface slowly as they will have a better chance of survival upon release.
  • Stop in at PRO for some great jigs and you will have a great dinner.


If you do not have a Descender and plan on bottom fishing you will get a fine. This is a mandatory piece of fishing equipment (read your tidal licence) Good Luck…

Cole & Nico