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Plenty to cover so lets get to it:

  • Free fishing for Tidal and Freshwater, check out the website for full details Family Fishing Weekends: License Free Fishing Days in Canada | To Do Canada. If you require a rod and reel call Sam at PRO 604-485-4868 , there will be a few rental rods available free of charge. This is a great opportunity to get out there and not have to pay for a license.
  • Local lakes: Most all local lakes will produce fish this time of year, Cranberry ,Duck ,Inland, Powell ,Nanton, Dodd and of course Lois. Fortunate to have countless freshwater fishing opportunities here in Powell River
  • Salmon Fishing: For the few boats that have been fishing at Coho Pt ,Harwood and Grants same old same old, haven’t seen fishing this good for years. Basically the same as it was when the UNESSASARY NON-RETENTIONOF CHINOOK was implemented. Honestly I feel people should be held accountable for what they have done to our coastal communities. Day after day and not a boat to be seen in the Salish sea. If you happen to see a skinny sea-lion or whale please take photos and send them to me right away, apparently there is no food out here for them. If you don’t believe the Chinook fishing is that good, you can hire one of the Charter boats in town and see for yourself. If you don’t catch i will gladly pay for the Charter after I fire the Skipper. If you want to retain Chinook D.F.O. has thrown a few scraps for us. Go to PROUTDOORS.COM and click on PRO REPORT then scroll down for maps and areas Oh i lied i see one boat out there this morning. THE UNESSASARY NON-RETENTION IS OVER JULY 15 IN AREA 15.
  • Prawn/Crabs: The commercial prawn fishery has ended, so look for this fishery to pick up in the near future. If you are heading out be sure to drop a crab trap as this fishery has been steady.
  • Bear Aware: Bears encounters are up in Powell River and many other areas in B.C. You should know the drill by now. simply stop in to PRO see Sam or Staff and we will be sure you are prepared for what ever situation you may encounter Getting Outdoors is a must and is a safe place, just good to be prepared and aware. Bear Hot Spots ( Horseshoe Creek, Freeda Creek. Lois Lake Fish Farm, Head of Haslam) Please do not clean fish or leave any food scarps in these areas.
  • Firearms Courses (P.A.L.) :The June course is full however there will be more courses through the summer providing there is enough demand. Simply stop in at PRO with $200 CASH , this will put you in que for the next course. As soon as we get 12 or so students we put on another course, so on and so forth .
  • C.O.R.E This course is available on line ,ounce you have completed the on-line portion call PRO and we will set you up with a local test provider.
  • Happy Fathers Day: Hope all the Dads have a great weekend, and if you are looking for a gift for Dad stop in at Pro and you will be glad you did. Sam Out!

One of My Favorites Inland Lake.
Go Fish.
I Brokes my back….SPINAL!