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PRO will be closed Friday July 1st for Canada day. If you need fishing or outdoors supplies try to make it in today or tomorrow.

  • L.E.H. Results are out
  • New hunting regulations available on line, PRO should have a hard copy any day.
  • Spoke to fisheries and looks like all things pointing to The unessasarry non retention ending July 15
  • Pro Fishing Derby Saturday July 16.Just working on details…Cant Wait!
  • PRO is still taking students for P.A.L. bring in $200 cash to get on list for next course T.B.A.

Salmon fishing has been steady south of town (retention area). Locally in area 15 salmon fishing is as good as it was when the unessasarry non-retention was implemented. Best fishing in years continues, still waiting for photos of Skinny seals, Sea lions or whales. So please have your cameras ready because apparently there is no food out there!

Have a Great Weekend, appreciate all the support at PRO in this our 20th anniversary. You all made our shop a success.. Sam Out! P.S.