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What an incredible run it has been this summer in the Salish sea and many other areas. When the unessasarry non-retention ended July 15th the Chinook fishing was incredible and has remained steady for several weeks. As we fish through August you may have to fish a little longer to find your fish as many Salmon runs have gone through and the overlapping of runs will slow. August and September will bring bigger fish, Coho and Halibut as seen in the photo below so be ready as there is still plenty of fishing ahead of us. Here are a few tips.

  • You will find more Coho at Grant Reefs, Coho Pt. (kittie pt.), Vivian Island and back of Harwood. You may retain 2 Hatchery Coho. stop in at PRO for some great Coho lures.
  • There have been a few Halibut come in the last couple weeks. Grant Reefs, Harwood and Lewis Chanel have produced this year. Most Halibut have been caught trolling from 150-200 ‘ of cable. Be sure to read your license and know size restrictions for Halibut before you hook one.
  • Network with other anglers or call your local shop to find out hot spots as fish runs start to move.
  • If you are trolling and the bite is off troll anchovies and go deep180-220′ also cant stress enough to jig more.

Went out yesterday to sandbanks and trolled for an hour through the tide change and the rods were silent. Decided to head into the shallow’s 40-100′ to jig and we could not keep the fish off.

  • Look for birds feeding when you are out ,feeding birds this time of year almost always produce fish. GET THE JIGS OUT. Stop in at PRO asap for top jigs and jigging tips.

As far as fisheries goes i was speaking to local fisheries officers and although overall fishers have been adhering to the regulations. The two top violations are over and undersize Chinook retention, reminder Chinook slot size is 62-80cm for retention. Well have to head back to PRO. it has been one of our busiest summers on record and would like to thank everyone for there continued support. Sam Out!