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This cold snap is keeping most anglers off the water however ounce it warms up a bit it will be prime time for Winter Chinook fishing . You may still retain 2 Chinook 62cm and larger into the new year until further notice in our area and Rock fish and Ling Cod are closed until May 1st.

Hotspots .

Westview, The mill. Harwood. Coho Pt, Grants, Thunderbay and the Lund area will all produce Winter Chinook. The Mill North, Westview and the Westside of Harwood are local favorite winter fishing grounds.

Lures and tactics

This time of year the one lure i have seen catch countless winter Salmon is the Black and White Glow Hoochie (Witch Doctor) behind a Black Glow Flasher also the Green Ghost Hoochie is a local favorite. For spoons the Cop Car Coyote and Cop Car Skinny G, Spirit Spoon and Loony Spoon. Anchovies are always a good bet of course especially off the tide change. Fish your gear deep 160-210 of cable in some cases deeper. On bright sunny days you can sometimes find Chinook up on reefs as shallow as 60-150 feet. Some days the action can be very steady and you will catch several Chinook try not to net undersized fish whenever possible. The fish you do retain this time of year are delicious absolutely the best for the table YUMMMMM.

Prawn Fishing

This fishery will close in many areas including 15-1,15-2,15-3 starting January 1st. I will try and get a more detailed list of areas out soon. Call me at the shop if you have any questions in the meantime 604-485-4868.

Local Lakes

Ounce the ice clears, Lois, Khartoum, Duck and Cranberry Lake will all produce nice fish. Reminder when fishing Lois do not leave any fish scraps in the area.

Good luck out there and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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