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This weather is just what we needed do get to get our boats ready and out on the water. Locally Prawn fishing is top of the list as these are ideal conditions for setting gear.


South of Powell River has been a bit spotty, critical to try new areas if your old haunts are a bust.

Powell River/Texada has been steady with good size prawns (longer soaks best)

Lund/North always the most consistent although generally a bit smaller in size.

  • Prawn fishing Tips

Critical to weight down your traps or mother nature will take them.

Use only the best bait. (Prawn pellets mixed with herring) stop in at PRO.

Set on areas that have structure avoid flat bottom and be sure to try different depth.

Let your traps soak longer 6 hours to overnight if you have experience with this method.

Ask your local shops which traps fish best. Don’t purchase traps to save space, purchase traps to catch Prawns.

Rinse your prawns on board boat right away flushing them with plenty of salt water until water in your prawn tub is fairly clear.

Always keep your catch cool.

Freeze your prawns submersed in water. (fresh or salt is fine) I use fresh water myself and small plastic tubs. Tubs available at PRO.

Most importantly respect the bounty;)

Finally Lingcod and Rock Fish open Mat 1st.

See you out on the water…Sam Out!