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Well thanks to the half dozen boats that have been fishing so far this summer, we are getting great reports as far as numbers for Chinook and Hatchery Coho go. The Chinook numbers did not surprise me in the least however the number of hatchery Coho being caught and retained has. Very good especially the waters around Texada Island. Last week very good reports from the south end (thanks lower sunshine coast anglers for report ) and today Mark caught several Coho all marked (hatchery) as well and some large Chinook on the North end of Texada (Coho Pt- Kiddie Pt.) Definitely time to get out-there and join the Whales, Seals, Sea- Lions and the six boats I referred to.


  • Fish deep 160-180 feet of cable. ( all Marks fish were at 190 feet of cable. Also try shallower 80-160 feet if no luck deep.
  • You may retain 2 Hatchery Coho
  • Stop in at PRO for the hot lures guaranteed to catch.
  • This is a good time if you are new to Salmon fishing or need practice at the boat launch. The six boats i referred to will be out on the water so lots of space at your local boat launch. (There will be plenty of entertainment at your local Boat launch on July 15th. (Unfortunately lower mainland boat launch entertainment starts Aug 31) Hang in there:)
  • Definitely time to do a boat shake down as July 15th will come quick.
  • Bring in your reels for new line and your Scotty Downriggers for service at PRO ASAP