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Day upon day so far this this summer there has been 1 constant, the lack of boats and anglers in the Salish Sea and i am sure many other areas. Its really a shame how confusing D.F.O. has made things and i say this as a Vendor having to explain the regulations countless times a day. Basically the Salish Sea has been void of life because D.F.O has simply choked the passion, the life and the joy of fishing for many. From May through June you could count on one hand the boats fishing in our waters . which are teaming with Salmon…. sad, sad, sad…Wow! So now of course many calls and questions about the July 15 opening… Again D.F.O. doesn’t give a shit that countless Businesses and people need to make plans and prepare for the season, D.F.O. when are you going wake the fffffff up and realize you need to communicate well in advance.. Your actions show that you have no, regard or respect for all that depend on tidal fishing. YOU GET AN F IN MY BOOKS FOR MANAGMNET AND COMMUNICATIOIN.SORRY WRONG F- … So basically I and am sure many other businesses have prepared and purchased thousands of dollars in stock, hired extra staff and planned for the upcoming season. So maybe in the next ten years D.F.O. you will figure this out!