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It can be hard to get motivated this time of year for many things, including Salmon fishing. Boats are mostly winterized, covered up or just not in ship shape. Those that take advantage of the winter Month (Dec-Apr) know the benefits. First off plenty of winter Chinook year after year. Secondly in our area you may retain 2 Winter Chinook (best tasting) and no maximum size restriction,62cm or larger are keepers .Also if you must use a boat launch plenty of time there as most anglers are procrastinating lol. So how do you get the best tasting and healthiest food that is at our doorstep on your table. Well it starts by getting your boat ready for the season earlier. Spend a day or two de-winterizing and taking care of any issues. If you happen to have issues you cannot solve, local shops will generally get you in quickly as this is the off season for them. Come spring summer you will be waiting for repairs as more prime fishing time passes by. Ounce you are ready, prime fishing areas from Saltery Bay to Lund can be accessed with small to larger boats as you can simply launch the boat and start fishing.

Here are some Winter Chinook tips. Most anglers will be using downriggers, so you will want to generally fish deep.180-200+ feet of cable using 15lb cannonballs. Speed is also critical generally 2.5mph seems to be a sweet spot .If you adhere to these tips, your lure of choice will pretty much guarantee winter action.. Fish on! So do like I did ,if you get the chance be sure to start your 2024 Salmon fishing season A.S.A.P you will be glad you did…Make room in the freezer, Sam Out!