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Chinook, Springs ,Blackmouth three given names to one of our pacific Salmon. If you have friends, neighbors ,or family members that have been fishing the last few weeks i hope they have shared there bounty. The Chinook fishing this winter around Powell River and surrounding areas has been awesome, here are a few tips.

#1 Stop procrastinating and get out there.

#2 Network with other anglers or call PRO to find out hot-spots.

#3 Cannonballs 15lbs or more. speed 2.5 mph, 200+ feet of cable out.

That’s it, that is the recipe for success right now. Another critical thing is to be sure you have low Drag line on your rigger if you are using braided. I had changed my line recently and neglected this and i was nowhere near the depth i wanted because the thicker the line the more the drag resulting in slow fishing action. Ounce corrected it was a night and day difference….Can’t stress this point enough. As far as lures go, the Big eye spoons, Coho Killers and the Loony Spoons will do the trick.

Where to go? Coho Pt to Marshall Rock has been very good. Also West side of Rebecca (far hump) Harwood Spit has been decent at times also. Seems like Lund area and South of Powell River have been a bit spotty but that will change. Also a reminder you may retain 2 Chinook marked or unmarked 62cm or larger per license. Enjoy your Salmon any questions call 604-485-4868 or text only 414-8762…Sam Out!