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These four names all belong to the one species of Pacific Salmon

The Chinook Salmon name i believe came from a Salish village on the Columbia River. Spring Salmon is because some runs of Chinook arrive in the Spring. Blackmouth is the term used because of the Chinooks Black gums and tongue and finally the name King Salmon,i just found out is when the Explorer William Dall Wrote in 1865 that ” Chowichee of the Yukon are the King of Salmon. We probably could add ” Stinky” as well LOL…. and yes we got Stinky ( lucky) yesterday after a quick shakedown trip .Here are the hot-spots…

  • Coho Pt to Marshall Rock (humps just North of Marshall Rock)
  • Grants Northwest Corner not Bad
  • The Spit of Harwood (North -East side)

I have not had any recent reports of other areas but my guess is that the usual places will hold fish, if not keep moving till you find them .After dropping our Crab traps at Harwood we decided to take a rip out to Grant Reefs. We started at the can with no luck then moved to the North West Corner (Tyee Pt) and hooked 3 Chinook and Kept 1 Beauty .The weather was unbelievable so if you get a chance get out there. If you like Crabs, decent numbers at Harwood yuuuuuum.

Reminder to renew your licenses in a couple weeks and prepare for the re-opening of Prawns in our local waters. Be sure to stop by PRO for all your Prawn Fishing needs and pick up our best fishing Prawn Traps that will not disappoint.

Local Lakes: Die Hards no that this time of year is when you will will get some great Cutty fishing.So be sure to head out to your favorite lake and drop a line. Be sure to check local regulations as there have been some changes. Also a reminder that Powell Lake, Goat, Inland lakes and tributaries are closed until April 1st. Hope you get out and enjoy this great stretch of weather…Sam Out!