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Lets start with unnecessary Chinook non-retention changes in local waters

Area 15-1 ,15-2 ,15-3 Chinook non retention starting April 1st, Basically from Scotch Fir Pt to Sarah Pt. Chinook limit is ZERO (COMPLETE B.S)

Area 16-11,16-12,16-13 Scotch Fir Pt South 1 Chinook Retention (Hatchery Marked Only) no size limit. ( D.F.O. THROWING US A FEW SCRAPS)

Area 15-5 Sarah Pt North to Homfray, Waddington & Toba 1 Chinook unmarked 62-80cm , Marked (Hatchery 62cm or bigger) (DONT WORRY FUEL IS CHEAP!)

O.K. now for a bit of good news. April 1st Prawn fishing re-opens so stop in at P.R.O. and get geared up. Reminder to release all egg carriers. Looking forward to this, going to be good numbers. If you want to up your catch stop in and see me at P.R.O.

May 1st Ling Cod & Rock fish open.

April 1st Powell, Goat and Inland Lakes re-open, so drop a line great fishing this time of year especially if it warms up a bit.

Finally all licenses must be renewed starting April 1st. We can take care of this @ P.R.O. PLEASE BRING IN OLD LICENCE FOR QUIKER SERVICE.

P.R.O will be open Friday ,Saturday and Monday so we are here if you need anything. Thanks for all your support and remember to respect the Bounty… Sam Out!