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Well sad day as we are taking our rods and reels off our boats, at a time we should be excited about the start of the spring and summer Chinook fishery. Unfortunately D.F.O. and there suites just keep mismanaging this fishery and will close it for most of the summer, absolutely disgusting what they have done. Now before you make any comments to the contrary, please let us know how many rod days you have spent on the water since this B.S. STARTED.BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE SPENT ANY TIME ON THE WATER OR THE FRONT LINES YOU WOULD KNOW HOW PLENTIFULL THE CHINOOK SALMON HAVE BEEN. P.S. IF YOU SEE A SKINNY WHALE,SEA-LION OR SEAL PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE APPARENTLY THERE IS NO FOOD OUTTHERE. Thanks to all that are spreading the awareness of this unnecessary non retention fishery. I know my rants probably wont do much to change the D.F.O. MISMANAGMENT but i enjoy spreading the TRUTH!