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Well i am sure many anglers are awaiting the MAY 1st opening for Ling Cod and Rockfish, especially considering THE UNESSASSARY NON -RETENTION OF CHINOOK CONTINUES, WICH PISSES ME OFF TO NOOOO END.
Starting May 1st you may retain 1 Lingcod (65cm& larger) and 1 Rockfish Per License (check regs) . The million dollar question we keep getting is “WHY CANT WE KEEP A YELLOWEYE, THERE ARE SO MANY OUTTHERE”? I asked around to the people in the know and
basically the numbers are good for Yelloweye however there is to much Bycatch by the commercial sector that it is cutting into the recreational quota. Kind of good news bad news. Good news, numbers for Yelloweye are good, bad news that until they figure out the Bycatch issues anglers can suck on a hot-dog. Sorry but sometimes i just have to let off some steam…Hang in there Port Renfrew they re coming for you now.
Prawn fishing continues to be steady providing you are in the right habitat, serving a good dinner and have your gear set properly. Word is commercial season is starting May 15th so be sure to give them plenty of space or just wait until there short season is over before setting your gear.
All local lakes are producing nice trout, so be sure to drop a line a.s.a.p. Also Prepare for the Black Ant Hatch in early May ,the Trout will be really active, good luck.. Sam Out!