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Well the anticipation of the July 15 opening of Chinook retention is nearing so if you still have some of last years fish in the freezer get it in the smoker a.s.a.p. For the few anglers that have been out including myself the fishing has been amazing as expected. Coho Pt. lots of Chinook and now Coho as well great news. Lund area, from the Lund Harbour North and South, fish, fish, fish! Have a look at the photo with Nico And Aldo catching 20lb plus Chinook right of the Lund Dock. Sarah Pt big fish also. There have been a couple Halibut from this area also, so be prepared for one if heading out. We got the Marky Mark report from Scotch Fr Pt. South to Jervis, this fishery has also been very good and there is retention for hatchery Chinook here. Aldo from Ruby lake Resort called and said that Jervis Inlet fishing is incredible, with many hatchery fish out there. Be sure to start getting your gear and Boat in order as prime time is just a few weeks away.

P.R.O. Top Rod Derby will be on Saturday July 20th. I am just working out details so be sure not to miss this as it is a great event:) Some other things of note… You may retain 2 hatchery Coho at this time and they are definitely here @ Coho Pt and Grant Reefs. Also reminder that You must use Round marker Bouys for Prawn Traps and for Crab traps must be bullet shaped (cylindrical floats)

Fathers Day & Grads, Happy fathers day to all the Dad’s and Congratulations to all the Grads:) If you are looking for a gift for Dad be sure to stop by P.R.O. we are fully stocked and ready for the incredible Salmon fishing season ahead….Make Room In The Freezer…. Sam Out!