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I had a chance to get out with my son Nico on his boat the Carousel (Pristine Charters) last year and a couple more times last week. Absolutely loved it. For one i didn’t have to worry about doing all the work lol and also because the boat is 34′ plenty of room to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Desolation Sound. The first time i was on the Carousel was over 20 years ago or longer as my friend Randall Drader the Captain at the time started Pristine Charters decades ago. Randall did an amazing job as a host and Captain for many, many years. Sadly Randall past away but before he did i was so glad he got to meet Nico and pass on the keys to the Carousel. Randall, Nico and I took the Carousel for one last mini cruise with Randall at the helm shortly before his passing. “Well this is the last time i will be taking you out” Randall said as he tapped on the helm. Sadly it was, however the Carousel motors on and i am sure Randall is looking down with that beautiful smile of his with his thumbs up as Nico and the Carousel motor on trip after trip. So if you have a group of friends, family, staff or want to celebrate an event on a great platform. Give Nico a call and i guarantee you will be glad you did. 604-414-3439 based in Lund and can accommodate up to 12 people now open:)